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Urban Contemporary

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Dancer, Teacher, Choreographer.

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Conor Davis has been dancing and training in the performing arts for over 10 years, and graduated from Stella Mann College of Performing Arts in the UK with a diploma in Professional Dance. He has primarily trained in jazz, contemporary, commercial and ballet and likes to combine various elements from all of these styles and more when choreographing and creating material for his classes. Over the years, Conor has performed many times in Dublin, London, and Lisbon but his true passion lies in teaching and choreographing, sharing what he has learnt and being able to see that it has made an impact on people both personally and in relation to their own training. In his classes you will get to learn some technical exercises to help develop your technique and training. Following this, the majority of the class will be focused on learning a piece of choreography which varies in style from week to week to keep things fresh and challenging.

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